Asian Cucumber Salad Recipe (Din Tai Fung-Inspired)

This Asian Cucumber Salad, inspired by the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant, is a crisp, refreshing, and slightly spicy dish that’s perfect as a side or a light appetizer. The honey chili garlic vinaigrette adds a sweet and tangy flavor with a hint of warmth from the chili, making it irresistibly delicious. Here’s how to make it:


For the Salad:

  • 12 oz. Persian cucumbers (about 6-7 mini cucumbers): These small cucumbers are crisp and have a mild flavor.
  • 1 tsp coarse sea salt: Used to draw out moisture from the cucumbers, enhancing their texture.

For the Honey Chili Garlic Vinaigrette:

  • 2.5 tbsp rice vinegar: Adds acidity and brightness to the dressing.
  • 0.3 oz garlic, grated: Provides a sharp, aromatic flavor.
  • 2 tbsp keto honey, or 1.5 tbsp regular honey: Sweetens the dressing. Keto honey is a low-carb alternative.
  • 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil: Adds a rich, nutty flavor.
  • 1-1.5 tsp Garlic chili sauce, optional: Adds a spicy kick to the dressing.
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  1. Prepare the Cucumbers:
    • Wash the Persian cucumbers and pat them dry. Cut the cucumbers into bite-sized pieces or diagonal slices, depending on your preference.
    • Place the cucumber pieces in a colander and sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Let them sit for about 10-15 minutes to draw out excess moisture. Then, gently pat them dry with a paper towel.
  2. Make the Honey Chili Garlic Vinaigrette:
    • In a small bowl, whisk together the rice vinegar, grated garlic, keto honey (or regular honey), toasted sesame oil, and garlic chili sauce (if using) until well combined. Adjust the amount of chili sauce according to your preferred spice level.
  3. Combine and Serve:
    • Place the salted and dried cucumber pieces in a serving bowl. Pour the honey chili garlic vinaigrette over the cucumbers and toss gently to ensure all the pieces are evenly coated with the dressing.
    • Let the salad sit for about 5-10 minutes to marinate and absorb the flavors before serving.
  4. Garnish and Enjoy:
    • Optionally, garnish the salad with sesame seeds, chopped green onions, or cilantro for an extra layer of flavor and texture.
    • Serve the salad chilled or at room temperature as a refreshing side dish.


  • Adjusting Sweetness: If you prefer a less sweet dressing, you can reduce the amount of honey. Taste and adjust the dressing according to your preference.
  • Serving Suggestion: This salad pairs beautifully with grilled meats or as a refreshing side to rich, savory dishes.
  • Storage: If there are leftovers, they can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. The salad is best enjoyed fresh for maximum crispness.

Enjoy your Asian Cucumber Salad, a simple yet flavorful dish that captures the essence of Din Tai Fung’s culinary artistry!